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Hi There!  Back in 2010 we purchased a boxer puppy from you all. He arrived in March 2010 to Seattle, WA and we named him Brady. Tomorrow is his 7th birthday and he is the sweetest, most loving, handsome, and kind hearted dog. I love him to pieces and he is the best!! I wanted to thank you for him.

11/27/17  Glenda Mays

Margaret is wonderful to work with and very helpful. She cares about her puppies very much and gives good support after they leave her. We have two puppies from her.

2/11/2017  Lise Brooks

Hi I also want to thank you. I still have Dixie. She will be 10 years this year. She has brought so much joy to all she meets. Everyone loves her. I cannot tell you how loved this dog is. Again Thank you From All of us.


We have now had our boxer puppy Dak formally Gunny Bear for 4 weeks. He is amazing—–very cute, smart, healthy and so much fun!! I begged my husband to let me quit my job so I can be his mommy. Thankfully I work from home and get to spend a lot of time with him. I just want to thank Margaret for everything. Quick reply, when I was making arrangements so easy. For checking in with me after we were home with him. This little guy has brought so much joy to our lives and we are so gratefull. Please listen everyone, Margaret loves her Boxers and they are well taken care of. I would totally recommend her to anyone.

Christine White

Just wanted to let you know we have a great grandson of Donje’s Need For Speed. He is 10 months old. He is a great dog. I wish I could put a picture of him here.


I recently purchased (Wyatt) Beau from BoxerLane. After a long exhausting flight from MO to the east coast. I am happy to say he is healtly, happy and full of energy. After having a bad experence before with internet fraud.  Margaret was a pleasure to work with and made me feel secure in knowing that we would receive our new family member. After a weekly pictures updated and many texts we got our Beau. I would recommed Boxerlane to anyone,. Especially those who are leary about purchasing on the internet. You won’t be disappointed.


Our family purchased Apollo (formely Hunter of Isbie and Graice) He a wonderful family dog  and beautiful. Margaret was wonderful to work with and kept us up to date throught the entire procress including shipping.


Margaret we are so over the moon in love with our boy Sherman (popsicle). We got him on Oct 30 2014 and there hasn’t been a single day that has gone by that he hasn’t brought us joy. He is sweet, affectionate and just so eager to love everyone. He”s the happiest, most joyful little (big)boy. To those that are concerned about fleas its happens. We took our8 weeks puppy to the vet when we got him and they said that fleas on puppy are common. They recommented we bathe him with a little dawn. Which we did. We haven”t found a single one.

11/16/2016  Jeanine

I recently purchased (Tazi) Now Apollo from Willow and Toby litter. We Flea all the way from Calif. to get him. He was even cuter in person than from pitures. The entire procese was very smooth and we could not be happies. He was healthy, clean and has the best personally. We will definitely be returning to Boxerlane when we are ready for another Boxer. If you want to keep up with Apollo on instagram check out his IG account @apollo the boxer

10/21/2015 Mania Cobes

Thank you for bring such joy in my life. I purchased Toby now Rusty in August 2014. I received him Oct 2014. I took him to my vet for a check up. He was given a clean bill of health no health problem at all. My little guy has been growing like a weed. Smarter and obedient as ever. He tells me when its time for his walk by grunting. He’s so funny a real chararter, that one. My husband had his doubts he would tell me I would be receiving a sickly dog and the wrong dog. WELL HE WAS WRONG ON ALL ACCOUNTS. I received a perfect healthy, playful puppy that I had choisen. The only problem with Boxerlane is the camera. Margaret used it really doesn”t give the puppies any justices. The puppies are much more beautiful in person. My only regret is I can’t get another boxer right now. I have two fur babies. We are very outgoing people that take our dogs everywhere and we could only accommodate two dogs. If I could I would Be giving Margaret a call for another fur baby. Thank You Maria

Jae  Lee

We got our boxer puppy 2.5 month ago from April litter. I raised 3 boxers when I was young so this would be my 4 boxers. I used puppy find and found Boxerlane. Because I”ve raised boxers for a long time I looked for a healthy, standard boxer but couldn”t give the price. This was definitley the best website I found. We got Violet (renamed to Rain) in June and as I through sge is a quiality boxer. Margaret about the risk of fleas because they”ve are transorted with other puppies (all the way to my house) and told us to get spray but luckily she didn”t come with fleas. Over the past 2.3 month Rain has been growing and she very active, friendly and lovable. She is juyst like the perfect boxers. Because we”ve raising Rain over a long period of time I was interested in the dog itself not the small minute details. If I every buy another boxer. I’ll check Boxerlane first. Big thanks to Boxerlane and Margaret

Ann Feydis

We got Baron 1 month ago. He is from the April litter. Yes we were worried about shipping but everything went smooth. He is healthy and clean. He has been chipped as promised (my vet check). Finally we would like to say Thank You for brining Baron into our lives!! He is Amozing adorable playful smart and so much more.

10/30/2015  Wendy  Parent

We bought Phinesas (Tebb bear) back in March of 2015. Margaret sent pictures of him every week so we could see him grow. she answered every question we had almost immediately. Phineas flew home to us on April 17 in a very nice crate with plenty bedding, water and food. Once we tool him out of the crate he was immediately playing and love to be held. You can tell the floks at Boxerlane hold and talk to their puppies. Phineas is so well adjusted, he loves people and other dogs. His temperament is so laid back and he has been very easy to train. Even our trainer has commented on what a good dog he is. I would highly recommend Boxerlane to anyone that is looking for a Boxer. I cannot put into words how grateful we are to have Phinese. This will be the only breeder we will purchase our boxer from in the future.

Laurie  Petell

I have 2 boxers from Boxerlane, first bought my male and my female 5 month back. I couldn”t be happier. This family is the most passionate people and loves their boxers. I have never been so happy with my Niko and Flossie. I let people know about Boxerlane and how awesome and kind they all are.  Laurie


I purchased my puppy (bobby) now named Jax from Boxerlane. This was my first time purchasing a puppy on line. and Margaret was great. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Jax arrived in great health and is a very sweet. smart and happy puppy. Thank you Margaret we absolutly love our boxer puppy. If in the future we will definited be getting ahold of you.

3/7/2015  Tawn

We found and put a deposit on a beautiful flashy fawn little girl when she was only two week old. We got weekly pictures of her until she was 7 week old. Margaret was wonderful with getting back to me about our Laila. Yesterday at the airport everything was just as promised and laila was more beautiful than any of her pictures had ever displayed. We are extremely pleased and would recommed Boxerlane to anyone. we love our new addition Thank you Boxerlane!!!

12/4/2014  Robert Madlock

Apollo is about seven to eight month old and I’m so happy to have him I used to have german shepherds and Alaska malamute in the past Apollo is my first boxer and now I’m a boxer lover. Thank you

12/10/2014  Dave Brookbank

Hello, we purchased Lillie on 9/30/2014 and she is a dream…… Very sweet and gets along well with Rex our 100 lb male boxer would recommed!!!!

Denise  Turmelle

I received my beautiful puppy (stella) Bella from Boxerlane the end of June. She arrived safe and healthy and has been an absolute joy!Thank you so much.

Maria  Cobis

I just wanted to make every one purchasing a pupy from Boxerlane aware of the great service they provided for rusty (toby) he arrived in excellent healthy and conditions, his crate was large than he was . Which I was very impressed with since he had a long flight toCalif. He’s a very beautiful puppy, his parents are MacAdoodle and Ness. He was ship to me on 10/12/14. He came with a Bill of Sale, Health gurantee, shots and worming record.His registartion paper everything they promised in their ad I would come back and purchase another puppy. I am very happy to have my little guy in our family. Thank you


We got Harlo about 1 month ago and she is just perfect. We love her so much. Thank you

Roberty Madlock

I really love my boxer puppy. This is my first time buying a puppy on line and Margaret took good care of me. Apollo is a smart and beautiful boxer. I’m really happy Thank You Margaret

7/24/2014  Shane  Butehorn

Hi Margaret, I should have posted this a long times ago. We purchase Toby last July 2013, renamed him Jax after receiving him here in Utah. He instantly bounded to my wife and has become a very inportant part of our family. He celebrated his first birthday with treats toys and exuberance.  He absolutely loves our other boxers and is with him everywhere we go. We will returning to you when its time to get another boxer baby. Its been a great experience and he is everything we hope for.  Sincerely Shane Butehorn Utah

10/8/2013   Ana  Valdes

Hi Margaret just letting you know how awesome Tequila is doing, she is beyound loving extremely smart and spoiled like the princess sould be. Thank you again

8/12/2013  Cathy  George   scubasmon1@con

Hi Margaret  I just wanted to undate you on our newest addition to our family, Melanie. We love her so much and she is relly adjusting well to our family in florida. I am so glad that I found you on Puppy Find. I was a little  worry about purchasing a puppy from MO and having her shipped. But it all worked out great!! Our puppy is growing like a weed and is super sweet. Thank you so much for such a great opportunity. We love her so much take care.

8/12/2013  Jerry Plescia

Being a retired police office NYPD I was a little skeptical about buying a puppy for my family on line. We were so happy with our new puppy Rusty. Margaret will help you anyway she can. A reputable breeder.

2/24/2013  Karen and Don Ranck

We welcome Maggie Mae, du=aughter of Jetts Black, almost 4 years ago now. She is wonderful, beautiful, healthy flashy sealed brindle  pure black to the eyr with tall white socks. She is the best sister to our fawn male boxer Marshall. She has never been sick and is such a joy in our life. Thank you Boxerlane  Karen and Don from Saeatoga NY area.

Laurie Darling

Hello Margaret, A little over 2 years ago I got a Beautiful boxer female (Jade) now Akaslaw and I can”t begain to tell you how happy I am with her. I feel as one of the most lucky people out there to have one of you pup. She is loved everywhere we go. Thank you again for giving me one of the most greatest gift of all the love of a boxer.  Laurie Darling now in Edmonton AB Canada

Kim Kitzpatrick

We are so happy with Buddy. He is a great dog. We have met another family who bought a dog from you about 4 years ago what a small world. Thank you so much for how great you were with us. We would like to keepsending pictures from time to times. So you can see how he is growing. Kin Fitzpatrick  Middle bore Mass

Bobbie  Griffin

Havoc is an amazing puppy. Spoiled rotten already. He is absolutely beautiful smart, he is already learing to set, lay down, stay. you name it .

Havoc is going to be a big boxer. AT the vet he is already 15 pounds. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so much for giving us such a special gift. He is already loved more than you can imagine








Customer Testimonies — 4 Comments

  1. I got my beautiful girl Queenie now called Bailey on December 4 2021. I can’t believe how well rounded she is. She came into my home as tho she was born there. Boxer lane was a very good place to do business and I could tell they really love thier dogs. I took her to the vet who said she is very healthy, she now weighs 11lbs. Thank you Boxerlane for my new fur baby

  2. I now have my FOURTH puppy from Boxerlane. Margaret truly cares about her dogs and her customers. The puppies have all grown into BEAUTIFUL adults and they mind super well ! “Gibbs” produces gorgeous puppies ! If you are looking for a Boxer puppy give Boxerlane a try !

  3. Seven years ago I came across my baby Tucker photo and immediately fell in love. He was deaf and I didn’t care nor did it matter. He is the smartest dog despite his hearing, he has learned sign language and is no different than any other member of his siblings. He has been a blessing to me and my family!! Thank you so much for such a handsome sweetheart!! ❤️❤️


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